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When we were named National Geographic Travelers of the Year in 2012 it was like being handed an Oscar by George Clooney. With this news it feels like George came back and asked to be BFFs.


Heather and Cameron share (in words and video!) the family's day of high flying adventure inside the iFly Toronto experience.


We are the same. All of us. Our desires. Our fears. We love our children. We worry for them. We want them safe at all times. And sometimes that desire to protect becomes so overwhelming that we forget that on the other side of the world there is a mother trying to do exactly the same with a completely opposite package of information or access.


One way or another though, this has to be handled . The rat's nest isn't the same without her.


At a recent event in Toronto , Aeroplan celebrated its 30th anniversary with the Sam Roberts Band and gave Distinction members the presents. New rewards and new ways to get them await.


If you've ever met me (live and in person) there is an 8/10 chance you've witnessed my tears. I cry. A lot.But what you may not know is that I also like to make my mother cry.

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Give me a choice of ways to spend time with the family on a Friday night and I'll pick movie night every time. Luckily the kids have got the bug too and you'll find us quite happy - at home or abroad - popcorn in hand and eyes firmly fixed to the screen.

And when a movie is able to take me back to a place I love? Even better.