One way or another though, this has to be handled . The rat's nest isn't the same without her.


And then she danced and I felt her happiness.


The most "impressive" thing about our year away together as a family of four traveling the world isn't that we hit six continents and 29 countries. It's that we came back as a family, fully intact and with only a few scars of our "togetherness" to show for it. You know what I mean.

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Disney’s Bears

The Globetrotting Family shares their thoughts on the movie and offer up some places where you can see the majestic creatures off-screen in Canada.


An invitation to attend and photograph a Masai bride reveals the clash of old and new in rural Kenya.


When we got here we weren't sure what to expect but we knew that the year ahead of us would prove as challenging as our year away. We were right.


How many countries have you been to? 5? 50? 100? Do you count? I don't. The only number I know by heart is that last year on our trip around the world we hit 29 countries on six continents. I know this because Ish told me so. I'm sure I could sit down and figure  out how many others I could add to that list after more than 10 years of traveling but to be honest I've never really wanted to do that. I think if you set out to hit a milestone number of countries, the chances that you're continue reading...