The Passport Party Project’s genius is that it doesn’t just have an effect on the tween and teen participants; it affects every one of us who comes into contact with them.


The show might be over but you can live in the footsteps of your favourite characters. Take a Downton Abbey inspired tour of England with our list of key sites.


Solo Women Travel Tips

Thinking of traveling solo? You’re not alone. It's a 2016 travel trend and in particular amongst women. Many women report coming home feeling refreshed and energized after navigating a new destination. Here are our tips for having a fantastic time.


This falling loonie could be the very reminder we need that one of the best travel experiences is right outside your door. This edition of our travel deals and destinations series, is dedicated to our home and native land. We’ve rounded up some quintessential Canadian travel experiences for you to try because let’s face it until you’ve gone on a poutine tour, and navigated the northwest passage, can you really claim citizenship?


We're taking a look at what's hot and what's not in travel trends for Canadians in 2016. Though we think you should also blaze your own trail, these travel trends might just inspire your next big adventure.


I was on The Social recently encouraging viewers to visit wonderful destinations that have received a bad rap in the past. These are my picks for so-called "dangerous destinations" that aren't dangerous after all.


When you've travelled the world like I have, people always want to know the destinations you recommend. There are so many! But inspired by my 2015 travels, here's my list of where I think you ought to travel to in 2016.