Back from a whirlwind trip to San Diego where I managed to connect with dozens of Black journalists from across the United States and Canada. It was a fantastic experience that brought me plenty of ideas about what I’d like to do with Globetrotting Mama and our family’s trip around the world in 2011-2012. It also brought be back to this:

Thumbs Up Burger Lounge

Eat Here

The Burger Lounge – this time in Little Italy – didn’t disappoint. And though my brother was missing. I was lucky enough to bring @pepperstreetpr with me for her first Burger Lounge experience. The verdict: “Oh wow.”

Told you so.

But since you all couldn’t be here and a picture is worth 1,000 words, here’s the recap:

Burger and Onion Rings


Bliss at Burger Lounge


And then it's over


Memories of the Burger

Savouring the moment