Globetrotting Dad: Changes -One Year later


Within a month of returning to my workplace, it was like I never left. It's truly surprising how quickly you can re-acclimatize to "the norm."

Globetrotting Dad: Changes -One Year later2022-03-02T20:15:36-05:00

A Year at Home after A Year Away


When we got here we weren't sure what to expect but we knew that the year ahead of us would prove as challenging as our year away. We were right.

A Year at Home after A Year Away2022-03-02T20:12:26-05:00

Meet Plan Go Toronto


Last night, Ish and I had the pleasure to be a part of a panel at the annual Meet, Plan, Go event in Toronto.

Meet Plan Go Toronto2022-03-01T20:53:18-05:00

7 Ways to Prepare your Kids for Longterm Travel


If you've been thinking about around the world or long term travel with your kids, you've likely considered whether your kids are the right age or if it will be too difficult to re-integrate them when they're home. We've been there and back. Here's what we did and what worked well.

7 Ways to Prepare your Kids for Longterm Travel2012-11-10T06:22:05-05:00

Back to School – One Year Later


We pulled them out for a year but going back to school proved to be only another step in a lifelong adventure.

Back to School – One Year Later2022-03-02T20:10:16-05:00
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